Por y Para

The Por y Para project was over the uses of “por” and “para.” We were asked to create a glog listing the uses of each word, create 3 sentences using each word, find pictures to go with those sentences, and upload a video over the uses of por and para. I enjoyed using Golgster because it was very easy to use and simple. It was a lot more fun to make on the computer than it would have been to make a project on a posterboard. I hope we get to use Glogster in the future for more projects.

Los gustos y disgustos de Ashlyn

A Ashlyn le gusta ir al cine los sabado.

A Ashlyn le encanta comer todos los dias.

A Ashlyn le gusta pasar tiempo con mi.

A Ashlyn le gusta ir de compras con ella amigos.

A Ashlyn le gusta para dormir tarde los fines de semana.

A Ashlyn le disgusta la escuela cada dia.

A Ashlyn le disgusta queso en la hamburguesa.

A Ashlyn le disgusta se aburre.

Mis Gustos ;)

The project “Mis Gustos” was to come up with 10 sentences and turn it into a presentation on the iPad. It was very simple, but I hated it. It was hard to memorize all of the sentences and phrases of clarifications within a week. It’s nerve-racking trying to remember each and every sentence as you’re trying to write them down. Although I did pretty good on the project (after tons of studying) I would not want to do it again. 



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